Time for Change 12.01.2014

An important and enjoyable aspect of our work is giving new life to existing houses.

Summer of 2014 was a time for new beginnings for two of our favorite families and their homes.  Bizios Architect designed the renovations of both Chapel Hill Residences.

The owners of the “Sycamore House” needed to move and put their beloved home on the market.  It sold within a month and now another family is enjoying this gracious home and site.

The extensive renovation of the “Gimghoul Neighborhood Cottage” in Chapel Hill was completed and its new owners are all settled in.  Everyone is happy, including the Japanese Maple that had to be moved in order to make room for the charming new front porch.

Sycamore House Images:

Gimghoul Neighborhood Cottage Images:

Photo Credit: Arsalan Abbasi