Sealed Crawl Spaces 02.05.2015

Scientific research and built examples demonstrate how properly closed crawl spaces can provide much better moisture control than conventional, wall-vented crawl spaces in temperate-humid climates.  Homes with closed crawl spaces–often called “sealed,” “unvented,” or “conditioned” crawl spaces–also can save significantly on energy when compared to homes with wall-vented crawl spaces. (

Bizios Architect has been designing homes with sealed crawl spaces for years. The images below illustrate crawl spaces we have designed that are now providing better moisture control and energy-efficiency, contributing to better places for living.

1. A key component of sealing a crawl space is the

placement of a vapor barrier on the ground.

2. The walls of a sealed crawl space must be sealed as well.

This image shows the layers of masonry,  with the vapor barrier

& then insulation on the inside.

3. Subcontractors must check the proper installation of the vapor barrier

in the crawl space during construction.

4. It is important to properly locate and weatherproof the

entrance to a sealed crawl space.  A “clam shell door” is one way

to efficiently seal off the entrance. (

Follow this link to learn more about the advantages of sealed crawl spaces and how they work. (Article courtesy of

Photos by Bizios Architect