Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Many of our clients are turning to geothermal heat pumps, harnessing stable subterranean temperatures to heat and cool their homes. The systems are desirable for their energy efficiency, comfort, quiet, low-maintenance, and low operating costs. Some systems also assist with domestic water heating. Although geothermal costs more than conventional systems upfront, the benefits and energy savings are well-documented and the pay back on the initial investment is often a good value. When available, tax deductions and credits assist in shortening the payback period.

In the images below, horizontal loop systems are being installed at two different Orange County homes that we have recently completed. In one case, a large field was an ideal location to bury the pipes. In the other, some of the piping was carefully integrated into a stand of trees. In both cases, we were mindful to provide spacious, easily accessible, “sealed” (thermally and moisture-isolated) mechanical rooms.

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Photos: Bizios Architect