Update on the Vineyard Home

Jonesville, NC

This off-the-grid home is getting its finishing touches!

Located on 150 acres in the North Carolina foothills, this contemporary home’s wood cladding, sculptural rain-chains and beautifully framed views connect this home to its idyllic surrounds and reflect the artistic nature of its owners. To honor and protect the natural beauty of the site, our clients opted for an off-the-grid home powered by solar panels lining the south-facing roof. Lights wells and skylights celebrate the beautiful warmth of the cypress wood that is used throughout the house. The screened porch with a fireplace is the perfect spot four our clients to enjoy a glass of wine made from grapes grown in their vineyard.

We are looking forward to designing a second project for the property, an art studio and wine cellar.

General Contractor: Dan Huffman & Associates