Pantry Trap Door

A recently completed large-scale home renovation in Raleigh features an unexpected element used for the first time ever in a Grant Group project – a trap door! The homeowners hoped to access basement storage from within the house, but we determined that a standard interior staircase would sacrifice too much valuable floor area. One of the homeowners sent us a message warning us to “be prepared to hear about my ridiculous suggestion about a ‘trap door’ in the pantry floor down into the basement. It’s pretty rad.” By teaming up with the wonderful contractor, New Dimensions Construction, we were able to make this dream a reality.

During construction we were pleased to receive the message announcing that “the secret trap door was installed today and it looks dope.” We cherish these moments when we can turn big ideas into built solutions to truly shape homes for the individuals who inhabit them.

A large pantry with ample built-in storage, counter space, and a window to let in natural light.
A "trap door" in the pantry opens up revealing a ladder down to basement storage.