Cottage on White Lake

White Lake, NC

General Contractor: Chad Devane - Devane Builders

Photos: Grant Group Architecture

A simple structure built in the fifties on a waterfront lot in White Lake, NC, had served three generations of a family well. But its age and lack of modern amenities necessitated building a new place. The clients’ experience of the place gave them clarity in decision-making, but they also welcomed our “fresh eyes” input. Energy efficiency and low maintenance qualities were high on the wish list. The new home is small yet spacious and light-filled, with many places to be inside and outside, alone or with others. The new structure belongs to the site and to the family in new and familiar ways. Extended family houseguests have declared it the best ‘Bed and Breakfast’ they know.

Stainless steel chimney flue running up sidewall of house
Stainless steel chimney flue running past metal visor