Lakkas Residence

Raleigh, NC

General Contractor: Funderburk Builders

Photos: © Jeremy M. Lange Photography

Built on an infill lot in an established Raleigh neighborhood, the house fits the diverse, unpretentious character of the neighborhood while comfortably accommodating a multigenerational family. Private rooms are organized around an open, light-filled central space with kitchen, dining area, and living room. A generous screened porch and balconies connect the house to the surroundings and provide outdoor living spaces. A one-bedroom apartment on the ground level, provides independent living for grandparents.

A nighttime shot showing exterior stairs leading up to trellis-covered entrance as landscape lighting and warm lighting from within the house illuminate the image.
Double height living space with open connection to kitchen, stacked rows of large windows and upstairs mezzanine.
A view of the house from within the forest, showing its variable ceiling heights, large windows and exterior stair cascading down the landscape.