Rugby Road Revisited

Durham, NC

General Contractor: Arrowhead Construction Company

Outdoor Kitchen: Distinctive Remodeling

Photos: Marilyn Peryer

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to design a phase-three addition on this wonderful 1950s home in Durham. This addition includes a generous screened porch with a kitchen, seating area, and dining space, as well as an expanded open deck and patio. The outdoor kitchen, fitted with a grill, cooktop, and smoker, makes this the perfect space for entertaining guests. Long spans of screen reaching from floor to ceiling establish an unobstructed connection to the site’s rolling, wooded landscape. Large French doors connect the living space to the screen porch, allowing fresh air, ample daylight, and views of the outdoors into the main house. Simple and elegant details, such as the cable railing, cove lighting, and continuous wood decking, bring a peaceful sophistication to the space.

A man is preparing a meal in the outdoor kitchen on a sunny afternoon.
A contemporary dining table, located just outside the large French doors connecting to the main house, sits under large skylights in the screened porch.
An exterior view showing the screened porch reaching out into the back yard, connecting to an open deck and patio with fire pit.