Our New Architect

This person has been with us for quite some time, over 4 years to be exact, and she is kind of a perfect as a person and as a professional.

If you would like to know a bit about her, she is an expert of all local codes in the triangle, she definitely knows it all and if you have any questions on any ordinance, Jocelyn has the answer. Jocelyn, too, is a machine whisperer who can understand, feel, and speak to any printer or scanner in the office. She makes things run so smoothly and we don’t complain about that. She is a triangle restaurant expert and I consider her a conniseour. Basically, if you’d like a tour guide of the triangle, I recommend you contact Jocelyn.

As her co-worker, I have always admired her certainty in what she wants to accomplish through architecture. She dictates her dreams and pathways so boldly and clearly that it guarantees her she will not get lost on the way.  She is the type of person who can acutely envision the future and intricately describe a plan for how to get there. As she has expressed herself “I want to be an architect who could be an advocate for the community. I want to be able to design in a way that takes the public’s interest at heart and provide good design that enhances the community.”

Jocelyn Barahona recently became a licensed architect, and we are so proud of her. She is the most dedicated, passionate, and hard-working person, and we are lucky to have her on our team. Make sure you congratulate her if you see her!

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