Rugby Road Renovation

Durham, NC

Built in the 1950s, this 22’ by 118’ modern home in Durham needed updating. The removal of a few walls, together with the addition of a mere four hundred square feet and a screened porch, gave this unique house a new lease on life.

The new owners appreciated the low key, clean lines of the existing house. The primary goals were to preserve and accentuate the house’s modern design features while connecting it physically and visually to its spacious, rolling site. The existing sixty-foot corridor was shortened by incorporating it into the new master-bedroom suite at one end and making it a part of the dining room/kitchen at the other end. A new kitchen and screened porch were placed to take advantage of the southeast sun and views of the gardens.

A second phase of construction improved the main-entry sequence by providing an entry courtyard and added a two-car carport with exterior storage.

Addition/Renovation General Contractor: David + Sharyn Roberts – David Roberts Construction
Carport General Contractor: Mike Redmond – Added Attractions

Header photo © Atlantic Archives / Richard Leo Johnson