Grant Group Architecture is devoted to creating value for our clients through personalized, high-caliber design services. We directly and personally engage clients and collaborators. Simple acts of listening, learning and discussion provide insight into the unique aspects of each new project.


This customized perspective is then carried to the project site, where issues of landscape, neighborhood, views, solar orientation, sustainability and energy efficiency are brought together in an iterative, value-focused design process.


Our designs originate from an interactive process that results in a holistic understanding of each client’s needs and wants. Sketching, drawing and all types of modeling, including digital renderings and at time 1-to-1 scale mockups, expand design ideas into built reality.


We value strong relationships with contractors and industry partners who repeatedly demonstrate exceptional craft and attention to detail in their work and in the execution of our designs.

Since our founding in 1990 (previously Bizios Architect), we have developed and eclectic portfolio of projects including new construction and additions, small and large homes, and small renovations that breathe life into older spaces. Brian Grant, AIA, and Katie Wakeford, M.Arch, coordinate every project providing flexible, accessible, and personalized assistance to clients as they embark on the rewarding journey of designing, building, renovating, or expanding their built world.