Holmgren Sidell House

Chapel Hill, NC

Conceived and designed as a “cottage in the garden” set in the heart of Chapel Hill, this small-footprint home fits into its neighborhood and offers magnificent views of its surrounding gardens. Shed dormers, corner windows, large overhangs, and horizontal and vertical siding patterns break up the massing. Inside areas flow gracefully into spacious rooms with nooks, alcoves, and window seats. Porches, decks, and balconies on all three levels provide a variety of outdoor living spaces. The design combines the character of old homes with the spaciousness, light, and energy efficiency of a new house.

The owners happily report that they are still heating and cooling their house for an average of $2 per day.

General Contractor: Curt Hendrickson – Magnum Fine Home Builders

Header Photo © Bizios Architects


Significant Green Features:

  • Energy Star-certified Home
  • House form elongated on the east-west axis
  • Main living spaces located on the south side for light and warmth
  • Large windows on the south side, shaded in the summer
  • Ventless attic (insulation in the rafters)
  • Fresh air ventilation and energy-recovery system
  • Geothermal heating and cooling