“…we must at the outset take note of the countries and climates in which buildings are built.”
-Vitruvius, Architect
110 BC

Working with Old Friends: People and Places

It is a wonderful honor to get a call from a past client asking us to return to their home for another project, a second phase, or the next dream renovation. As needs and lifestyles change, so must our houses. In the Hillsborough Residence Revisited, we added a luxurious master suite and accessible bathroom to a house we had designed many years before. The result is a gracious and comfortable

To the Screened Porch: A Love Letter

Can you feel it? One step outside is all you need to know that a full-swing Carolina summer is here and she has made herself comfortable. While the sticky, sweltering temperatures of the season may not be everybody’s glass of sweet tea, we can all agree that nothing beats a screened porch for enjoying the summer landscapes. This is hardly a new trend; North Carolina’s architectural history is punctuated with

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Many of our clients are turning to geothermal heat pumps, harnessing stable subterranean temperatures to heat and cool their homes. The systems are desirable for their energy efficiency, comfort, quiet, low-maintenance, and low operating costs. Some systems also assist with domestic water heating. Although geothermal costs more than conventional systems upfront, the benefits and energy savings are well-documented and the pay back on the initial investment is often a good